“There is a beauty that lies within the ancient walls of Old Mombasa Town.”


Welcome To Old Town, Mombasa

From our previous excursion at Fort Jesus, we realized that it is only a piece to an even greater puzzle; Old Mombasa town. At first glance, the town whispers mysterious tales from the past. In an effort to uncover this mystery, we set out on a venture within the ever busy streets with Musa Moses, our guide.

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Old town has existed since civilization in Mombasa, and it displays a mix of various cultures from its inhabitants throughout the years. The Various Mosques and Mosaic designs indicate Arab origin while the ancient buildings showcase British and Portuguese decent. 

After setting up a military base at Fort Jesus, the Portuguese settled within the town. The Arabs were mainly merchants interested in trade thus conducted their business in Mombasa making it the main trading center. Due to the Arabs increased alliance with the locals they managed to exit the Portuguese and took over the town. Due to their good social relationship the Swahili then emerged as a result of breeding between the locals and Arabs.

As we traipsed through the narrow streets of Old Town, we came across various shops trading spices, decorative jewelry, clothing, and crafts which showcased the initiative ideas of the society. The crafts were so prepossessing that we each ended up picking a souvenir for our own or a friend back in Uganda. For such narrow streets, the amount of business carried out is imposing on the area


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Having looked at a town influenced by various foreign cultures, next we head to a community solely brought up by the locals; Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre.




  1. Very Interesting imagery right there. You guys have been exploring our roots, which is quite interesting as well. but can we also get to know what these ‘roots’ have got to do with us.
    what is it about the way of life or even more importantly the style of buildings(architecture) the Portuguese and Arabs built, what about all this can we learn or learn from, to best explain the present or help forge the future.
    otherwise its nice stuff yall are doing here


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